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The Parenting Garden's educational resource for children and their parents!


    Children learn about their bedwetting and develop good habits through programs, fun activities, videos & worksheets.

  • FUN!

    The emphasis is on having fun, kids enjoying their learning journey towards dry nights and keeping them motivated!


    They're not alone! Children can interact with one another and feel like part of a team defeating their bedwetting together.

The Parenting Garden

This is where it all started! Tanya began The Parenting Garden in 2013 following the birth of her third child. What started off with just pregnancy and baby products, has now developed into products targeting all age groups right through to school-aged children. In 2017 Captain Dry Pants was born!

Captain Dry Pants

What is this all about?

Captain Dry Pants is a fun fictitious character (in the shape of a bedwetting alarm!) Fun and positivity is the key as children embark on a journey with Captain Dry Pants towards achieving dry nights. Together they beat the 'Wet Soggy Underpants' and complete seven important habit-creating missions along the way!

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